The Process for Events

Step 1: Contact

You can contact me through email, by phone or by clicking the 'Contact Me' button above

Step 2: Intermission

I, Natalie will respond to you within 24hrs, kindly note that my availability to communicate on weekends (Friday-Sunday) is limited due to capturing.

Step 3: Hello!

We'll discuss the event and finalize the details, including the number of hours, time, location and purpose of the event. Once all of the information is confirmed, you will be required to make a 30% deposit.

Step 4: Friendly Reminder

On the week of your event, you'll receive a notification via email/text to confirm that the event is going ahead as planned. You'll need to pay the remaining amount at this time.

Step 5: It's Capture Time!

I, Natalie, will be present 30 minutes prior to the guest arrival, to get some shots of the main person/couple, family/friends, main photos, and to make sure they are captured before guests arrive. Following that, I'll take detail shots of the cake, balloons, food/drinks, and get some area shots of the venue.


With the main photos out of the way, it's time to let loose! I'll be taking lots of candids throughout the night, but if you have a specific photo request; just let me know and I'll be happy to take it.

Step 7: Wrapping Up

About 20 minutes before I leave, I will check with the contact if there are any remaining photos they would like me to take. Before ending my session, I'll make sure that I have captured all the shots that were requested.

Step 8: Editing

The following two weeks will be spent editing your photos and creating a personalised watermark for you

Step 9: Deliver

Once I've finished putting your albums together, I'll send a link, you can use it to share the photos with your friends and family. Along with that, there will be a survey for you to fill out

Step 10: All Done!

It's been a pleasure working with you and thank you for letting me capture your event!!